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Hunter Hayes being adorable and fanboying over the window blinds.

ForTheLoveOfMusic episode #87

Hunter Hayes + Hip and leg thing 

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Storyline is the second major label studio album released by American country music artist Hunter Hayes, released on May 6, 2014 through Atlantic Records. As with his previous album, every song is co-written and co-produced by Hayes.

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Albums are chapters. They’re part of a story.


Hunter Hayes for The Toronto Sun [x]

There’s no reason not to believe in yourself.

You’ve heard that “footprints in the sand” reference, and to me it’s another version of that. It’s another way of saying that even in the darkest moments of our life we are still able to make it through somehow. Even in the worst of times you can find the light and the positives and the thing that leads you out of the darkness, and it leads back to one thing that never changes or wavers or disappears, and for me that’s my faith. —Hunter Hayes on Flashlight [x] (via hhayesonline)